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Global trading platform announces digital asset benchmarking, which is used to run its decentralized applications and payments platform SINGAPORE, July 19, 2018 / PRNewswire / - CoinBene, a global exchange platform ranked by CoinMarketCap as one of the 10 largest in the world, remains true to its strategy of delivering the largest number of digital assets in the world. its customers and announces the referencing of Internet of People (IoP). IoP was launched to be much more than a cryptocurrency. It is a decentralized network that enables P2P operations without the need for intermediaries, allowing applications and payments to be created at a lower price, while giving users total control over their data. personal. This can be done using the IoP currency on the IoP network. This currency is based on Bitcoin Core ( and currently uses a slightly modified work-proof consensus that uses whitelisted addresses to avoid the ASIC trap. This year, IoP will present a brand new consensus mechanism based on acyclic-oriented graphs (DAGs), a tolerance to Byzantine faults and a virtual vote to make the mechanism even more equitable and efficient. IoP has a maximum stock of 21 million units. Capitalization of assets today amounts to 2.8 million US dollars. What does that mean ? This SEO will help IoP achieve its goal of becoming the people's Internet, decentralizing applications and payments, and offering various services and amenities to its community. "We are delighted to get into the history of IoP and help the asset to gain market share and rise to the challenge by becoming a decentralized payment and application platform , " said Feng Bo , vice World President of CoinBene. Feng Bo's opinion is similar to what Kristian Schmid , director of marketing at IoP, thinks about this introduction to a global trading platform. "Our partner has spent a lot of time trying to understand the IoP project, cryptocurrency and what we want to achieve. It is no coincidence that CoinBene has grown rapidly and has become a major player in the market. This kind of mutual support is exactly what IoP is fighting for by supporting encryption and the world in general, " Schmid said. The leader of CoinBene believes IoP is right, after all; the platform has nearly 1.5 million users and is trading more than US $ 4.5 billion a month. About CoinBene CoinBene is one of the largest trading platforms in the world with an average of $ 4 billion traded across the platform each month, according to CoinMarketCap, a portal that analyzes the fluctuation of digital currencies. Created in November 2017, the start-up already has customers in more than 150 countries, with more than 1.5 million active users last month. The company distinguishes itself from others by basing all its performance on the needs of its customers, and by collaborating with the main players in the market. About Internet of People (IoP) The Internet of People (IoP) is a decentralized network of nodes in which virtually anyone can create and execute a node. IoP is creating a new decentralized, censorship-resistant Internet based on the Mercury protocol, a node-based environment for building truly decentralized applications. The IoP currency is designed to fairly distribute reward blocks to the IoP community and its members, reduce the need for energy-intensive mining an

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Internet of People (IoP) est un réseau de noeuds décentralisé dans lequel pratiquement n'importe qui peut créer et exécuter un noeud. IoP est en passe de créer un nouvel Internet décentralisé et résistant à la censure basé sur le protocole Mercury, un environnement basé sur des noeuds qui permet de construire des applications véritablement décentralisées. La monnaie IoP est conçue pour distribuer équitablement des blocs de récompense à la communauté IoP et à ses membres, réduire la nécessité d'un minage trop énergivore et payer pour des services basés sur des noeuds et des dApps dans l'écosystème IoP.

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La bourse et le trading en bourse ont toujours été des sujets fascinants pour les gens, mais accessibles en réalité uniquement à une élite étroite. Cependant, les dernières décennies ont apporté un développement sans précédent de la technique et des moyens de communication en ligne, et à la suite de l'émergence du trading en ligne ou du trading, ou d’effectuer une alternance dans le service commercial. Ils sont devenus accessibles aux larges masses tandis que les marchés financiers ont atteint un nouveau niveau d'évolution.
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